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Highlights from the CA Agile Ops Summit 2018

On June 12th and 13th, CA hosted the fourth annual CA Agile Operations Summit at Ditton Park in the UK?an event aimed at helping ops professionals plot a course for their organizations? IT operations in a rapidly changing tech landscape. With around 100 attendees, the exclusive event was an opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded peers at various stages of their Agile Ops journeys, as well as meet and talk with thought leaders from CA.

Key Themes: AI, Machine Learning & Automation

Keynote speeches by CA leaders Ashok Reddy (Group General Manager of DevOps), Kaj Wierda (Senior Director of Product Management) and Ali Siddiqui (General Manager of Agile Operations) welcomed the audience on the first day of the event. These talks addressed the effects we can expect from advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation?and how to use agile operations to drive business value in the face of disruption.

?We are in a global business revolution, driven by software, artificial intelligence, and machine learning,? explained Ashok, who recently gave an interview on the same subject. ?AI is driving business innovation. This summit was an opportunity to discuss applying artificial intelligence to automate automation, and how this relates to operations.?

With the exponential growth of data created by modern organizations, effective data handling is becoming increasingly necessary, with big implications for operations. Ashok discussed the importance of translating data into business insight and the value of predictive analytics and process monitoring to operations. He also described how to get closer to this goal using CA Digital Operational Intelligence, a tool that is powered by CA Jarvis and uses machine learning and analytics to bring end-to-end visibility to tool workflows: ?Every data-based company needs to be a Modern Software Factory? Pay attention to disruption and learn from the data.?

Automation Drives Better Business

A Modern Software Factory can only be constructed using business automation, even though the methods of utilizing automation are changing rapidly. Ashok compared the evolution of business automation to the development of self-driving cars: Just as the technology behind autonomous cars started slowly, with features like assisted parking, business automation began with simple processes; but it has become possible to automate gradually more complex processes. Eventually, applications can be trained to become ?self-driving??a goal CA is making continuous progress towards. ?Ultimately, I want our users to think of CA as the self-driving car factory,? Ashok concluded.

Solutions at Every Step

The summit also included two featured case studies, which highlighted the range of solutions CA provides and applied them to operations specifically. These solutions are aligned with the evolution of DevOps and able to integrate with a wide variety of open-source tools and public clouds.

Hands-on workshops and technical deep-dive learning experiences were available during the summit and facilitated by the experts in automation and Agile Ops at CA. Guests could attend sessions on a variety of solutions, from Application and Infrastructure Monitoring tools to the CA Automic One Automation Platform.

For a company that hopes to thrive in the face of constantly increasing consumer expectations, the right tools can be the path to success. As Ali Siddiqui put it, ?All of you in operations are under pressure to do more releases, faster, and more efficiently? At CA, we will futureproof your operations.?

Streams of the summit speeches are available online; click here to watch the keynotes by Ashok Reddy and Kaj Wierda; click here for Ali Siddiqui?s; and click here to view a speech on product design by Chris Kline (VP for DevOps Strategy).

To find out more about upcoming CA events near you, check out our events calendar.

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